Here is where previous tours and exploratory trips are listed. Each of those tours / trips has its own page, information and photos, and they provide a pretty good idea of what to expect to see visiting particular areas at particular times of the year. We are starting with the last ones of 2013, and to access their pages just click on the respective pictures. We are going to keep adding reports from new tours and trips as they happen, and maybe some older ones whenever they cover unique or especially noteworthy places. In the case we include older ones, they will be put in chronological order thus bumping forward the newer ones.

October 2013 part 1 - South Brazil October 2013 part 2 - Minas Gerais October 2013 part 3 - Bahia
October 2013 - South Brazil October 2013 - Minas Gerais October 2013 - Bahia
  October November 2015   Laelia jongheana habitat   Laelia purpurata habitat
  October / November 2015 - South Brazil,
Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro
  September 2017 - Minas Gerais  December 2017 - Rio Grande do Sul
  October 2018   January 2019  
  October 2018 - Rio de Janeiro January 2019 - Amazonas