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- A couple more trips were added to the Photos page, both revisits to my roots as a wild orchid observer and photographer. After decades, I had a chance to look at the main Cattleya intermedia habitat in Rio de Janeiro, and after so much time I was afraid of what I was going to find; fortunately, plants can still be found but the fast development of the region can assure us that their days are numbered.
- The second one, I thought I would never see again. But as it happened, I had a chance to visit central Amazon, an area I last been in 1985, while living in Manaus. After more than 33 years, I was really afraid of the development impact around the city (which grew from about 1 million people to 2 million in this period). And as expected, many areas that were nice orchid habitats outside the city now are inside it and of course do not exist anymore. But still, some of the good areas further away are still there. Enjoy.


- The last two trips from last year have been added to the Photos page. Hope you enjoy them and the pictures.


- Our first large group trip finished on the 5th, and was a resounding success. We saw verything we were supposed to see, even though the weather was not very cooperative sometimes. But this actually helped the participants to see how plants really grow. The sad note is that this year was especially bad regarding brush fires. Full account of the trip is being prepared and will appear on the 'Photos' page. Participants also enjoyed the countryside and especially the food, as expected.


- Finally the site is live. It is by no means complete or final, but from this point on, it is just a matter of adding information. Any suggestions are welcome so please let me know.

Welcome to our new Travel site. Here you will find information about Brazil and its orchids, and also learn more about the way you will be able to visit the natural habitats and observe and photograph the plants the way they grow in nature. As development and habitat destruction keep increasing at an ever faster and alarming rate, this is getting more and more important. Besides enjoying some beautiful scenery, you will see the plants, observe their variation and gather a lot of useful information on how to better understand and cultivate them. Although our main objective is to observe, photograph and discuss its orchids, Brazil has an incredibly varied flora, and orchids share their habitats with many other interesting plant species. On the mountains, the variety of flowering plants is staggering as are the lichens, mosses and fungi. Among these plants that are typical on the mountain areas, vellozias stand out and bear incredibly beautiful and colorful flowers giving a very distinctive look to the landscape. And last but not least, Brazil also has a very rich fauna, so we can always find a great variety of mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, etc. for the delight of people that also like to observe and photograph them.
    Hope you enjoy your visit here, and that this is just the beginning of a rewarding journey to a beautiful country and its marvelous orchids.


Cattleya intermedia, still a sight.


Cattleya eldorado, growing together with the omnipresent Encyclia fragrans in the Central Amazon Campinas.